E-Learning Solutions

E-Learning is more than publishing content online. To excel and thrive as an E-Learning company, it is important to be able to present the content a way which is interesting, innovative and easier-to-grasp.

As a global e-Learning service provider, OnQuaS has years of experience in providing domain specific expertise in tailor-made e-Learning solutions, blended learning solutions, enterprise learning, and e-Learning technology and learning support. We live in a world where high-end technology is fast changing and new learning and training requirements are constantly evolving. More importantly, they are blending across the organizations and over time, the learning and training process is going through minor and major transformations. Traditional approaches to learning have become a matter of past and e-Learning has become the new mantra. The main reason behind this is its ability to provide complete freedom and flexibility to the targeted learners to choose the time, place as well as the pace of the course.

When it comes to designing e Learning solutions, we belive using optimal technology is more essential than utilizing latest technology. Using robust and flexible IT strategy, OnQuaS will help you stay stay ahead of the competition.

At OnQuaS, we have highly-skilled technical service team with years of domain experience in designing, implementing, developing and managing large e Learning solutions. Our solutions incorporate deployment of various e Learning software tools, including:

  • Learning Management Systems
  • Managed Learning Environment
  • Assessment Management Systems
  • Content Syndication Systems
  • Online Collaboration Tools
  • Content & Asset Management Systems

Learning Support

With OnQuaS’s Learning Support services, clients across the world have successfully gained an edge over their competitors. We provide a wide range of learning support solutions for educational institutions, schools and corporate. Besides, our team will help you manage end-to-end delivery of the training sessions and will work closely with your learning and development team.

We offer:

  • Transforming the traditional classroom training into dynamic blended learning formats
  • Live instructor support
  • Developing blended learning platforms and tools & support

Learning Management System

We offer integrated, next generation Learning Management Systems that will resolves all your e-Learning requirements. Using our solution, you can deliver highly effective e-learning programs anytime, anywhere on both desktops and mobile devices. You can implement our Learning Management Systems for e Learning, webinars, classroom training, video tutorials and informal learning with flexibility, ease and automation capabilities.

How OnQuaS’s Learning Management Systems can help you?

  • Designs your tailor-made e-learning portal and sub portals
  • Social learning and knowledge collaboration
  • Blended learning and assessments
  • Manage event calender and class room training
  • Learning assignments, analytics and reports
  • Competency based learning – skill management
  • APIs and Integration
  • Deliver Experience API, AICC and SCORM based learning

Learning Content Management Systems

With our Learning Content Management Systems you can create, aggregate, package, store and publish the learning content in various formats including Web, CD, PDF and Mobile. OnQuaS allows you to create content easily, eliminating the need to write complex XML, HTML, and software programming codes or scripts.

Mobile Learning App Platform

Is it possible to create an attractive mobile app in hours? With OnQuaS’s Mobile Learning App Platform, yes it is! Not just that, we help you to deliver the right knowledge to the right person on the right device and (most importantly) at the right time. Reach out to learners using devices mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile and more with our custom mobile apps.

With our innovative technology, you can:

  • Design your e-learning mobile portal and app
  • Manage events
  • Create and deliver mobile learning programs
  • Share document
  • Create your audio and video content library
  • Perform online surveys
  • Organize quizzes & assessments
  • Create reports & analytics