Mobile App Development

Businesses from all market verticals are gradually realizing that their respective target audiences are shifting from traditional personal computers to mobile devices, for accessing Internet and obtaining the required information, in massive numbers. According to a report from, the global smartphone audience will reach 1.75 billion in 2014. And these devices are getting more and more dynamic. The old, monotonous mobile applications are hardly a feasible option for today’s enterprises. What they need is robust solutions that are completely compatible with the existing and future mobile platforms, so that they can provide consistent workflow operations.

OnQuaS is one of the global leading providers of mobile application development solutions across various platforms. We follow three key characteristics offered by all mobile platforms when it comes to developing mobile apps, these are: personalization, contextual use and anytime access. We have an impressive track record of delivering on-time solution while assuring the highest quality standard suiting your requirements.

At OnQuaS, we offer iPhone Development Services & Android Development Services.


iPhone Development Services

OnQuaS features a dedicated iPhone app development team, well versed with the latest development techniques. This allows us to deliver customized iOS apps of any complexity level.

Our iPhone solutions include:

  • iPhone/iPad Game Development
  • Custom iPhone Apps Development
  • iPhone Social Media Applications
  • iPhone Widget Development
  • Enterprise iPhone Applications
  • Mobile Application QA / Testing
  • iPhone Widget Development
  • iPhone M-commerce Applications
  • iPhone Support and Maintenance

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Android Development Services

Our in-house Android app development team possess detailed knowledge and hands-on experience of creating performance-oriented Android apps.

Our Android solutions:

  • Android Game Development
  • Custom Android App Development
  • Enterprise Android Applications
  • Android Social Media Applications
  • Android M-commerce Applications
  • Mobile Application QA / Testing
  • Android Widget Development
  • Android Support and Maintenance

Please find our Android app portfolio here

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Enterprise mobility solutions present a great option for enterprises to conduct their business quickly, more reliably and in a cost-effective way by effective management of available information. In fact, it solves the problem associated with deploying “right information to the right person at the right time and at the right place”. This is especially true for business executives who are almost always on the move and thus, need real time data.

Enterprise mobility solutions of OnQuaS can access multiple locations to gather high volumes of data and convert them into useful information to present it to the end-user in a format which is easy to comprehend. Our solution will help your business personals to make precise decisions, saving a lot of time as it breaks the barriers of location dependency through remote access of information coupled with global connectivity.

Benefits of applying OnQuaS’s Enterprise Mobility solutions

  • Access data from various databases to make quick & accurate decisions even at remote locations
  • Provide real time access of different key performance indicators or KPIs to accelerate decision making functionality
  • Plan and track data form anywhere, anytime
  • Highly analyzed information gathered from multiple data sources and presenting it in a format that is easy to understand.
  • High levels of data security for your critical business information
  • Reduce operations cost and increase employee productivity
  • Perform dynamic business planning and re-planning
  • Global connectivity means you can stay in contact with your business partners, colleagues, suppliers and others from any location
  • Stay abreast of current business news, updates and trade news