Digital Marketing

digitalo marketing
OnQuaS offers a highly talented and passionate Digital Marketing team to help you connect with your target audience online. We develop innovative digital marketing programs for global brands and companies, helping them achieve their web marketing goals and objectives. Our Digital Marketing services includes Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing.

Search Engine optimization

– “Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first” the problogger Wendy Piersall couldn’t be more right when it comes to your ranking on search engine result pages (SERP). And this is where you need SEO or Search Engine Optimization – the most significant aspect of successful website marketing. Our organic SEO solution will help your business website to reach the maximum number of targeted audience globally by implementing 100% ethical and proven techniques.

OnQuaS also provides comprehensive organic search management services, such as:

  • Goal-oriented and measurable online campaigns for better ROI
  • Social media integrated SEO solutions
  • Assured search engine ranking for competitive advantage

Search Engine Marketing

– We design well-orchestrating online marketing campaigns for our esteemed global clientele to stimulate instant conversions. Our Search Engine Marketing can be carried on simultaneously with our SEO services. SEM works as a mission-critical add-on service and is known for its ability to provide effective results by helping you gain more leads.

SEM campaigns offered by OnQuaS include:

  • Advanced A-B Testing to better understand the fluctuating market trends
  • AdWords Campaign Management with keywords bidding. We will even provide detailed report
  • Regular Analytical report to measure the campaigns’ effectiveness
  • Landing page designing for AdWords campaigns at competitive price
  • Professional looking Display/ Banner Ad Designing to maximize conversions and lead generation
  • Advanced Marketing Management to bring immediate results while minimize CPC/CPA/CPM

Social Media Marketing

– Social media is more than sharing a post or tweeting your business information. In fact, Social Media Marketing requires a strategic approach to successfully build your social presence. It is a great platform to strengthen customer relationships. The emergence of social channels like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have redefined the way consumers perceive and interact with businesses to make decisions and purchase. Over the past few years, social media emerged as a powerful marketing channel lead by connections, communication, participation, value-based engagements and content sharing. All these factors greatly influence customer perceptions as well as their purchase decisions.

End-to-end SMM Services

OnQuaS has a specialized and experienced team of social media experts to help you plan, create, manage and execute targeted and ROI-centric social media campaigns. We have successfully built brand awareness for various global clients through building superior customer engagement, using innovative promotional concepts.

Social Media Advertising

Social media has now become a mainstream marketing channel for businesses to leverage their campaigns through consumer engagement and word-of-mouth marketing. Imagine the number of people using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn ads to create marketing campaigns on these social platforms! OnQuaS helps SMEs and large enterprises to plan and execute advertising campaigns on popular social channels to reach out to their targeted audiences, which is determined information such as specific demographics, habits, interests, social connections, and other psychographics rather than depending solely on keywords.

Social Media Monitoring

OnQuaS offers social media monitoring services to manage your reputation online. For every business owner, it is important to know what people are saying about them on the social web sphere. We have a dedicated team providing customized Social Media Monitoring services to our global clientele. Our team sets up required analytics alerts and analyze the mentions and ratings for both positive and negative feedbacks. We respond to them accordingly on your behalf, improving your online reputation.

Content Marketing

One of the most effective online marketing techniques, Content Marketing has gained much momentum these days. Businesses now develop and share authoritative, unique and valuable content relevant to their business to attract and engage their visitors and target audience. The sole of a successful Content Marketing is to inform, educate, guide and entertain the target audience through each step of buying cycle. OnQuaS helps businesses to create pragmatic and informative content that is strategically integrated with the sales speech, which in turn, helps in persuading their customers to opt for their products and services.

Types of content OnQuaS will help you create:

  • Website Content
  • Blog Content
  • Article Writing
  • Social Media Content
  • Marketing Collateral
  • White papers writing
  • Explainer/Marketing Videos
  • Infographics

Our Content Marketing solutions will help you in addressing various aspects, including:

  • Better SEO as Google and other search engines give highest importance to fresh, relevant and value-added content when it comes to determining a site’s ranking. Remember that for Google, content is the king.
  • Increasing brand awareness through corporate blogs, white papers, case studies and e-books to establish you as a thought leader of your domain
  • Creating strong customer bonding and loyalty with content that address their day-to-day challenges
  • Less customer complaints/ queries as you are already providing informative content to your users, which will help them to resolve most of the problems on their own.
  • More sales resulting from lead nurturing, which is often the result of comprehensive brand experience you provided by creating quality content and sharing them across social channels.
  • Lead generation through well-curated content about your business, products/services, industry trends and more that help in educating the customers